The V Empire – Bienal de Cerveira

“The Fifth Empire (Portuguese: Quinto Império) is a concept of a global empire with spiritual and timeless power evolving from the past territorial empires, based on an interpretation of Daniel II and the Book of Revelation, whose origins lay with Antonio Vieira. The concept became well known after the publication of the book Mensagem, by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.”
In this piece the artist refused the idea of conformity appealing to ’the dream’. At that time her home country faced a big economical crisis and the artist encouraged her friends, her relatives and her nation to believe and thrive.

Laser cut Perspex sheets in human silhouette shape (80 x 0.5cm x 180cm), video projection, sound, poetry.
V. N. Cerveira Arts Bienalle – V.N. Cerveira, Portugal, July – September 2017.