The Mothership I

“If you do not let us dream, we shall not let you sleep”

“Mothership” names the initial 3 Dimensional object that provided the inspirational base for multiple experiments that exemplify how a single object can manifest itself into countless possibilities.
By filming the object’s surface as an architectural space, abstract geometric imagery is obtained and further split in two parallel projections at a larger scale.

This immersive installation consists of a room with a 2,20x 4,5m reflective surface where two videos are projected and moved by mechanical devices. The mechanisms are controlled by the public with the use of a remote control, allowing them to act as co-creators of the visual experience. In this way the installation results in an interactive experience where the viewer is invited to enter, participate and explore at their own pace.

Undergraduate Summer Show, Camberwell College of Arts – University of the Arts, London, July 2015.

Mirror installation, soundscape, video projection, remote control, motors.
Engineering: Karel Kaivanto
Filming and editing: Harris Savoglou
Sound design: Joao Vasconcellos Neves