$hame – The Nave

Anamorphic Waves
An exhibition exploring how digital interfaces and technological tools are reshaping our personal, professional and ecological relationships, and how they have modified our view of love, sexuality and gender.
In the context of many twentieth-century artists who understood how to take part actively in the shaping of society, WochenKlausur sees art as an opportunity for achieving long term improvements in human coexistence.

”The demand has been coming up again and again for long time now: Art should no longer be venerated in specially designed spaces. Art should not form a parallel quasi-world Art should not act as if it could exist of itself and for itself. Art should deal with reality, grapple with political circumstances, and work out proposals for improving human coexistence. Unconventional ideas, innovate spirit and energy, which for centuries were wrapped up in formal glass bead games, could thus contribute to the solution of real problems.
“Art can fatten up the leisure time of bored masses”

WochenKlausur – Art and Sociopolitical intervention 2003

Immersive art Installation, immersive performance, mixed media.

Funding : Reboot the Roots
Collaborators & Contributors: $HAME
Ugly Duck Gallery – Anamorphic Waves
11-14th April 2019

Film directed by Vytautas Usane
Video by Raffaele Lardino

Creative Directors – Ornagh Lynch, Oneslutriot, Caineruable. Film Editors – Caineruable, Mark Hodge. Musician – Evilgay. Sound & Tech – Mark Hodge. Build Team / Set Design – Joana Palma, Leszek Szklarski, Oneslutriot, Sid Seymour, Wychka Valkata, Chase Bleah, Mr Lazy, George F, Evilgay, Caineruable, Gianluca Gasparini, Ornagh Lynch. Artists – Oneslutriot, Caineruble, Joana Palma, Paulina Slusarczyk, Born in Dust Clothing, JOEFUR, Jim Guy