NN is a series of abstract images generated by distorting photographs through video projections on mirrors.
After a transcendental experience with a third level encounter the artist witnessed the appearance of multidimensional portals and extraterrestrial beings on her photographic work.
This photoshoot was the first made by an external photographer: Antonio Cascio.
‘NN’ is a connection between perceived reality and the reality seen in altered states of consciousness.

“The last trail of heterotopias is that they have a function related to all the space that remains. … …Their role is to create a space that is other, another real space, as perfect, as meticulous, as well arranged as ours is messy, ill constructed and jumbled. This latter type would be the heterotopia, not of illusion, but of compensation, and I wonder if certain colonies have not functioned somewhat in this manner. In certain cases they have played on the level of the general organization of terrestrial space, the role of heterotopias.”

Michael Foucault – Other Spaces – 1967 – Utopias

Video projection, mirror, photography.
Camberwell, London, January, 2015