Mars & Beyond – The Doors

A message into space
At the end of the 21st Century the planet Earth became a landfill, the humans couldn’t control the production of rubbish, exhausting all it resources, the human race only hope was to look for another habitable planet with same condition to mother Earth and start a colony. After many years of sending messages to outer-space, reaching beyond our solar sister, the humans finally got in contact with other intergalactic civilisations in the call out for help and the survival of their species.

Multimedia Installation H 1.5-3m W 0.46-0.72cm
Acrylic mirrors, wood, video projection.
Art installation: Joana Palma
Video Proiection: Sonia Vera

Mars & Beyond immersive art show at The Oxo Tower, South Bank, London, Feb – Mar 2020