Mars & Beyond – Shadow Membrane of Unfolding

An installation created for Mars & Beyond immersive art show in collaboration with the artist Alice Karveli.

Fragmentation of the Self is an ever intensifying state within the human psyche.
What happens in the space between the scattered fragments?
How many different elements can be fighting for control within the skin-membrane of one single body?
Deep in crevices of the Unconscious mind, those spaces where most hardly ever dare to look, thus never fully knowing themselves, lurk the densest of Shadows.

Those facets most primal and frightful to face, with their cravings left unchecked and unresolved, pose the greatest danger to humanity and its home planet. It is them that will pull the launch buttons to the atomic weapons that will destroy all life as we know it. Integration is only possible if awareness comes to shed light into the chasms of the Split(s), within and between us.

Laser cut Perspex sheets in human silhouette shape (80 x 0.5cm x 180cm), video projection, sound, performance.
Mars & Beyond immersive art show at The Oxo Tower, South Bank, London, Feb – Mar 2020.