Doors of Perception

The doors of perception is a representation of the quantum field – the infinite field of possibilities accessed by the artist from a young age through spontaneous visions and transcendental meditation practice.

“Utopias are sites with no real place. They are sites that have a general relation of directed or inverted analogy with the real space of the society. They present society itself in a perfect form or else society turned upside down, but in any case these utopias are fundamentally unreal spaces.”

“The mirror is, after all, a Utopia, since it is a placeless place. In the mirror I see myself tere where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space that opens up behind the surface; I am overthere there where I am not, a sort of shadow that gives my out visibility to myself, that enables me to see myself there where I am absent: Such is the otopia of the mirror. But it is also heterotopia in so far the mirror does exist in reality, where it exherts a sort of counteraction on the position that I occupy.”

Michael Foucault – Other Spaces – 1967 – Utopias p.63

Mirror installation, video projection, moving platform, photography.
Camberwell, London, February, 2013